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Albert McWilliams: You're Going to Kill Someone 


If you keep driving like that, you’re going to kill a cyclist. When you do, it’s going to suck as much for you as it does for them. When you drive by my head at 50 mph I can’t have this conversation with you, so I’m going to do you a favor and talk you through all of your arguments as to why…



Every human in the United States. All 308,450,225 of them.

Made by Brandon Martin Anderson with US Census data. Click through for a zoomable map. The details are stunning.



Badass Sven Nys

The King!

Just want to know which tires he’s using.


Thank you.

The new embro is here! The new embro is here! (Thanks Northwest Knee Warmers.)


In case you need some help figuring out why Facebook would want to buy Instagram, this chart from 1000memories’ post, how many photos have ever been taken?, should help.

In a nut: photos are kind of a thing on Facebook, and Instagram is kind of a thing for photos.

Wind on a Leaf: I hope Apple gets back to basics in iOS 6, or: A list of what's broken in Apple's most important OS 


iOS has come quite a ways since its humble beginning in 2007, when it had very few background tasks, no folders, no Air-anything, no games, no Notification Center (or notifications), and of course, no (sanctioned) way to add new native apps. Apple has added quite a few welcome features over the…

Bat (Taken with instagram)

Well done.


This Is Brighton by Caleb Yule

Last year Caleb was just 13-years old when he shot over 45,000 stills of Brighton over 10 months and put them together into this beautiful, beautiful time-lapse, tilt-shifty film of Brighton. I saw this recently at an exhibition in which a friend had some photographs and there was a queue to put on the headphones and watch (the music is “Home” by Cinematic Orchestra which makes me cry with the happysads every damn time). Watch it. It is amazing, whether or not you know my home town, whether or not you think tilt shift is over or lame or whatever. It’s wonderful and I love it.

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